10 Tips To A Happy Healthy Pug

     10 Tips To A Healthy Pug

  1. Keep Your Pug Slim and Trim: Pug is supposed to be fat? Not true. Pugs are muscular and solid dogs, with round features. Just stand above your Pug while it is standing up, and look down at his figure. If your Pug looks like a battery, it should drop a pound or two. The proper shape of a pug should be narrow at the neck, broad at the shoulders, narrowing down from the shoulders with a slight broadening by the rump.
  2. Don’t feed your Pug people food or junk food, use dry chow instead of canned.
  3. Walk and Not Run Your Pug: Pugs do sleep 14 hours a day on average. During the awake hours, Pugs need exercise.  It's good for their hearts and lungs. Now, don’t go out and run with your Pug, just walk him.  Pugs don’t need a lot of exercises. A little a day will do. 
  4. Don’t Smoke Around Your Pug Pugs have enough trouble breathing as it is, and they really don’t need breathing to be more difficult.
  5. Fence Your Pug In: Pugs and cars don’t mix. Pugs and larger dogs and other loose animals don’t mix. Pugs and strangers do mix. Pugs get excited when they see a stranger and lose sight of potential threats.
  6. Leash Your PugPug should be on a leash. Even if you’re carrying your Pug, that leash should be rolled up and wrapped around your hand.
  7. Check the temperature You have no idea how heat stroke and all the horrible things heat exposure does to a Pug's heart, kidneys, and major organs. Even if they recovered, the animals already suffered permanent damage and eventually reduced their lifespan.  Keep pugs hydrate and out of direct sun exposure when the temperature goes above 80 degrees.
  8. Care For Your Pugs Pugs with healthy teeth will digest their food better, thus reducing the chances of intestinal blockages and stomach related illnesses. Rotting and unhealthy teeth lead to abscesses, which can cause many secondary infections, some of which can be serious. Milk Bones, Greenies are some of the product that help reduces plaque and tartar. On top of this, brush your Pugs’ teeth from time to time. It’s not that hard once you learn how. Make that a bonding moment. To make it easy for you, get liver flavored toothpaste from your pet supply shop. 
  9. Protect Your Pug From Parasites: Fleas and Ticks worms, hookworms, and roundworms. are some of the major parasites that you should protect your pet from.  Consult your vet on the use of flea and tick repellent that's right for your dog.  Mosquitoes can be a problem too. Don’t spray your Pug with bug repellant when you take her outside, but do spray yourself and stay close to your Pug at night when the Mosquitoes come out.
  10. Take Your Pug on Some Special Trips: A happy Pug is a healthy Pug. Pugs love cars. Take your pet out for a nice car ride, to the park!! It will probably do you good as well, so, why not? Give Your Pug Daily Attention.  Like humans, Pugs have feelings too. They want to be loved as much as we do.  They love your voice as much as they love food. Pugs need attention to be happy dogs, and a happy dog lives longer. A simple hug, a simple kiss, a simple touch. It’s that simple.  It only takes a few seconds.